Develop salespeople.
Improve performance.

Maximize the opportunities in your sales funnel with effective opportunity management.

Do you or your front line managers really know how to run an effective opportunity overview with your sales team? What steps should take place in the opportunity management process to ensure your team is maximizing the hard-won opportunities in your pipeline?

This guide will help you formalize your sales team's opportunity management process by providing direction on

  • When, who, what, and why you need to include in your opportunity management process
  • Selling roles to consider including
  • Establishing an opportunity management process
  • Overview meeting details, preparation, duration, and agenda outline


CommercialTribe has helped sales teams in companies such as Hubspot, LinkedIn, Grainger, and NVIDIA align messaging, reduce onboarding time, go-to-market, develop sales manager coaching skills, and more.

Opportunity Management Guide
for Sales Managers & Sales Leaders