The State of Sales Training

Video-Based Practice is the Future of Sales Training and Learning.

Solving the hardest problem in sales means creating reps that can articulate value in the marketplace and break the status quo. Yet, our current approach to sales training is not addressing how our reps learn, nor is it providing avenues for practice. According to Corporative Visions, only 41% of companies ask their reps to practice key messages, skills, and behaviors before going to market.

The problem isn't our reps. Instead, our training does not cater to the learning styles of our reps. The State of Sales Training, by CommercialTribe CEO Paul Ironside, looks at why this problem exists and what we can do to solve it.

Observational learning is an age-old approach, now reinvented at scale. This approach reinforces learning and disseminates sales tribal knowledge, helping your team hit the numberreduce churn and attritionand ramp to productivity faster