Is Your Sales Team
Red, Yellow or Green?

This Sales Benchmark Report of over 32,000 sales interactions spotlights the need for more comprehensive seller development.

Discover insights into sales performance and actionable steps you can take today to start improving sales outcomes.

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Your Company May Be Better Off Letting Half of Your Reps Stay Home Today

How devastating is it to your business that over 50% of your sellers are unable to effectively differentiate your solution, deliver your value proposition, and create a vision for the customer?

This is just one of the key findings discovered in our analysis of over 32,000 sales conversation assessments. Access this benchmark report to learn:

  • Areas of Strength: The key sales skills that sellers perform well
  • Opportunities for Improvement: On average, sellers perform poorly in these seven critical sales skills
  • Activate Coaching: Actionable coaching tips for managers to start improving their teams today
  • Assessing Your Team: Four steps to setting up your own assessment and coaching process

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What is CommercialTribe?

observe sales managers


Observe sales managers and their reps within daily interactions such as 1-on-1s, pipeline reviews, forecasting, and customer calls


assess sales gaps


Use proprietary, customizable assessment maps to easily identify seller and manager skill gaps or outsource team assessments to our services team


activate sales coaching


Activate coaching using prescriptive coaching guides that allow sales managers and leaders to pinpoint individual gaps to focus development  


Channing Ferrer VP of Sales Operations & Strategy HubSpot

"By providing them with clear insight and direction, busy sales managers can now see where and how to coach the key behaviors that move our pipeline forward."
Channing Ferrer, VP Sales Operations & Strategy