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Are your Sales Managers doing it differently?  LEARN MORE

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Understand How Sales Leaders Influence the Operating Cadence for Maximum Impact

In an increasingly virtual world where data is currency, it is critical for sales leaders to understand the behaviors that drive the result. Today, we know more than ever before about how sellers sell, how customers buy, and in turn what deals will close. However, very little data exists to understand how sales managers manage.

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Get data on where managers spend time:

  • With vs. without team 
  • Internal vs. external activities
  • By rep tenure

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"Until CT Connect, there was no easy way to know where managers were spending time by rep.  Now I can set a baseline with the goal to create a more consistent rep experience and resulting performance.”
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Allison Yount
VP of Enterprise Sales at Fairmarkit

What if you had Management Intelligence?

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Start by understanding where sales managers spend time